5: What to Do When You Get a Virus and “The Facebook Phone”


I am so glad to resume Super Tech Time!. In this episode of Super Tech Time I will tell you what to do if you get a virus. I will also talk about the much hated and rumored “Facebook Phone”. Sorry the episode is so short but I really didn’t want to pollute the show with filler content. You can send any questions you have about technology to help@supertechtime.com or you can leave a voicemail at (424) 265-TIME ((424) 265-8463).

4: Featuring James Becker




Today James Becker came on the show. We had lots of fun and this is a fifty minute podcast so sit down and relax. Today on the show James and I talked about my bad piracy decision and more. We also sang the Fun song during the show. I would just like to say thank you to all of you you who download and support the show